20917 Greenleaf Dr.
Cupertino, CA 95014

Qualifications and Skills

Excellent system designer with proven ability to find solutions to challenging technical problems

Comprehensive knowledge of integrated hardware and software design

Good understanding of the full design cycle of electronic systems, from concept through

manufacturing, to sales and customer support

Proven record of building and directing engineering teams

Good communication, writing and presentation skills

Extensive contacts and experience building Eastern European design teams to minimize development costs

Summary of Professional Experience

Over 25 years experience in Hardware & Software Design and Product Development

Over 20 years experience in building and managing engineering teams

Principal in multiple startup companies


Sequent Microsystems


Developing and marketing add-on cards for Raspberry Pi

Three succesfully funded Kickstarter campaigns in 2017 and 2018

Several new products in the pipeline


Invest Romania, LLC

Managing Partner

Raised over $3.5M for the purpose of investing in Real Estate in Romania

Bought agricultural land in urban growth areas, rezoned and built roads and utilities

Currently building a small community for 2,000 people

2010 -2013

20917 Greenleaf Dr.

Chief Architect, GC and Handyman

Designed and drafted architectural plans for rebuilding the family residence

Designed and implemented high efficiency radiant heat system, video and audio distribution, security, HVAC, etc.

Acted as general contractor and many times handyman for all construction stages

2009 -2012

Sequent Networks

Co-Founder & CEO

Second attempt (after Wireless Seismic) to build a better real-time wireless seismic system

Worked with a team of five engineered to build a better prototype

First system field tested in April 2012 worked flawlesly

Failed to find a partner willing to take the system into production

Sequent Networks was shut down in 2012 due to the depletion of funds

2003 -2008

Wireless Seismic, Inc.

Co-Founder & CTO

Co-founded Wireless Seismic with the mission to design a true real-time wireless seismograph system

Conceived the solution to real-time data collection and transfer when multiple, well-funded competitors failed

Designed the first generation of hardware and the fundamentals of the system software

Assembled the first working prototype in 2004 working with a team of two engineers

Increased the engineering team to five and perfected the wireless data transport mechanism and the system timing

Successfully field-tested the prototype, side-by-side with an existing industrial system from ION Geophysical

2000 -2012

ZipMath Software

Founder & President

Design and marketing of geo-applications for Web Servers, Windows and Excel

Built the E-commerce site for marketing the software


Empact Software, Inc.

Founder & CTO

Founded WebQuote in 1997 to design and implement a fully automated Marketplace for Printed Circuit Board procurement.

The company received VC funding and in 2001 become Empact Software

Built and managed a team of 20 programmers for the development of CRM software for Custom Electronic Products


NEC America

Senior Design Engineer

Hardware Design for High Speed Ethernet Switches

Firmware, Software and Hardware integration


Costas Systems

VP of Engineering

Led of a group of engineers for the design and production of media duplication machines


Palyn-Gould Group

Member of Technical Staff

Hardware and Software Design and Consulting for customers such as IBM, Hitachi, Intel and others


B&C Microsystems

Founder & President

Founded B&C Microsystems, a manufacturer of Universal Device Programmers

In 1986 B&C transitioned to manufacturing test equipment for cards and memory devices and become Testmetrix


Very High Speed Ordered Mesh Network of Seismic Sensors for Oil and Gas Exploration (download)

Published in IEEE Internatonal Conference on Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems, 2007. MASS 2007


Wireless exploration seismic system

Synchronization of Modules in a Wireless Array


MSEE from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania, 1975


Married, good health, two children, Vlad and Irina

Irina is a Graphics Designer (BS from UC Davis) and she has two beautiful daughters born 2013 and 2016

Vlad is a Software Engineer (MS from Stanford)


Professional and personal references available upon request

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